Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finding Roots

Home only feels like home to me when I have a sense for what surrounds me aesthetically. I want to understand which trees are so satisfied as to plant deep roots;

which trees provide shade for afternoon discussions between husbands and wives;

walk past the magnolia trees that bloom into smiles from back windows.

I want to have a tree that seems to keep watch and confidently grounds its presence among much more glorious counterparts.

I want to look up and find the most optimistic of trees planted in unlikely places;

to walk under the canopy of palms that promises fresh mangoes and short winters;

to happen upon old roots dug up to remind us that death of one brings life to another;

to breathe in stalky bamboos whistling their hellos.

Its all part of settling in. I guess we all just want to know we understand and are understood. Our lives have just begun in this new place but peace has been found and that is home enough for me.

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