Friday, March 25, 2011

Loving when it's too hard to love

I stood next to a monk in line today as he bought cigarettes. The very question that popped into my mind was "Monks aren't supposed to smoke!" As that question reeled through my mind, my next thought was "What are the things that people look at me and say 'I thought Christians weren't supposed to _______?' Or "I thought Christians were supposed to be _______?"

Later on tonight, I read this entry by an amazing girl that I hope my girls will become like when they are in their twenties. She moved to Uganda and has adopted all these girls and is raising them and in some cases taking care of their extended family members all in the same home. Her story is humbling, inspiring and makes me want to know Jesus. She wrote today about loving when it's gut wrenching. About hugging just one more time. It's an incredible post.
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