Thursday, March 17, 2011

M's first day of school

Four of the kids had their first day of school today. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Selah who started yesterday, but here are the other 4.

They have been asking all week when they could go to school. When we walked in, Malachi ran with Charis and Kesed up to their classrooms throwing a quick "bye Mom, love you!" as they ran up the stairs. Ahh, breathe in the sentiment felt as they whooshed past me and ran up to class.

Makaria was a little hesitant, but didn't cry. She is so laid back that she usually does fine in new situations. She gets quiet, but does fine.

After some explanation that black skin is normal and that yes, there are Americans that are black; and yes, President Obama is also black, we got Makaria settled in. They all scarfed down lunch and had lots of stories to tell us when we picked them up.

Another successful day for our little tribe!
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