Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Charis' 5th

Yesterday was Charis' 5th birthday! We are having a celebration next week with Malachi, but the day of her birthday included pink coffee cake and candles,

a giraffe named "Miriam" and a very excited little girl.

I took the older three out for a birthday lunch of her choice. Of all the fast food offered to her, she chose Sweet Tomato-a soup and salad buffet. My kids think buffets in America are the sole reason it's risen to superpowerdom.

Then we let her pick out a movie-Dispicable Me. We had a great time honoring our sweet girl. As usual, we went around the table at dinner and told her the things we love about her. Some of things were:

a joyful servant

hard worker

generous with her things


concerned when others are sick and hurting

and so many others. We love you, Charis! You are a delight to our family and to others. Your smile brings joy to our day.

Happy Birthday! We Love you.
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