Saturday, February 26, 2011

Go Texan Day for the not so Texans

It's Rodeo time in Houston. Rodeo season means that people do crazy things like herd cattle down I-10. And buy boots, overly ruffled shirts and jeans three sizes too small just to wear on "Go Texan Day". It's a funny thing really.

I don't have a country bone in my body. I was raised in Texas, but somehow avoided the whole Clint Black, chaw spittin', ain't sayin', and the chicken and dumpling eating. Neither of my parents are from Texas, so I guess that's how we skirted around most things Southern. I do love Texans, I just don't partake in a lot of things Texan.

Today is Go Texan Day. So, my kids had a Rodeo Day at Mother's Day Out. I had nothing. I ripped off a bandanna that we're using to mark our luggage and wrapped around Makaria's neck. I took a costume from the playroom and threw it on Kesed. I laughed so hard as I got Kesed dressed because he looks like he should be working a bachelorette party. He even shot me his "How you doin'?" face for the picture. Wonderful.

When I got Makaria dressed, nothing in this bandanna felt Texan. It felt like Communism. The scarves they wear symbolize the Young Leaders in China. They all wear red scarves to school. Do my China friends feel that after looking at this picture? I also put her in a Dora the Explorer shirt with Spanish on it. That's rather Texan if you ask me.

Makaria was going for more of the Rodeo Drive look.

At least Brad's got a hat on! And plaid even. Wow, we really went all out.

Kesed decided to ride the horses with his eyes closed. He almost fell off but was rescued by the trainer operating the pony-merry-go-round. Crisis averted.

Here's Charis shooting the deuce. You can take a girl out of China, but can't take the China out of the girl.

See...he's smiling because Jesus DOES love him. I think we're going to wrap this up and send it to Mark Driscoll in Seattle. He'd love it.

I love this kid. Beat of his own drummer, I tell you.

Happy Go Texan Day.
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