Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Today...I heart homeschool

Homeschool. Is it a blessing? Yes. Is it easy? No.

If you meet someone who goes on and on about how easy and wonderful home schooling is for her, then she is lying. Or her bun is wound too tight and her apple applique jumper is squeezing the sense out of her brain.

I do love home school, but there are days that I don't just want to throw in the towel....I want to take the towel and make a rope to escape out my bedroom window. But, today was fun. We've been on a bit of an auto pilot mode lately and we needed to change things up a bit today.

We've started Earth in our Astronomy. In preparation, we made a huge sugar cookie. Each one picked out two continents to cut out of dough. After they cut them out, we placed in on the blue earth.

Then, we made lunch and ate outside. Since it was 75 degrees (thank you, Texas) the kids spent a long time designing and constructing a tree house village.

It was complete with a mailing system, parking garage and front porch chairs.

Kesed rounded out the day with an attack of the pantless dinosaur.
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