Saturday, February 19, 2011

First hair cuts and my battle with pink

If you know me well, have ever met me, or even know how to spell my name, you will know that a place like this has never been on my "take the kids to" list. Actually, places like this have been the brunt of much mocking in my world. Not gonna lie to you. But, they had a wonderful deal on haircuts. So, I endured the pink and the "girls rule" paraphernalia and took Makaria for her first hair cut. It was about time. She was looking like Macy Gray, but not in the trendy, on purpose type of way.

She's so laid back. All she needed was a granola bar and Aerial and contentment ruled the hour.

And, then it happened....the glitter hair spray....the pink hearts on the cheeks....the sassy modeling of the new hair. It was all I could do to not want to take her and have her run through the mud to make sure none of this princess stuff actually stuck. They really did a great job with the hair cut and style. M did great and loved all the glitter (despite her mother).

I can't help myself: moms...your 3 year olds do not in fact need a manicure or to walk the catwalk in their bright green tutus after getting an updo. Sigh...ok, I feel better.
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