Friday, February 11, 2011



About 4 weeks until we fly
things to do I can only describe

Packing and cleaning for a family of 7
makes me yearn and ache for life in heaven

There are 14 check-ins and as many to carry
requires an army or women whose legs are hairy.

Movie screens on the seats are my new best friend
5 movies later, my kid's trip will end.

Heading towards security makes me shiver
and gives TSA an ulcer on their liver.

People run and people hide
when they see us coming to their side
of the line that winds to and fro
I hear them praying we aren't in their row.

If we make it to China with computers and kids
a victory dance happens and we take a bid
which parent will fall first, asleep in the night
Not waking til we see the bright morning light.

Now back to the packing, I cannot delay
From a month to a week and then finally one day.
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