Thursday, February 10, 2011

Horses and Birthdays

Grandpa took the three oldest, hubs and I horseback riding on Tuesday. We went to Cypresswood Trails. We had a blast. The instructor was so great with the kids. She taught all of us how to hold the reigns and where to put our feet so that we aren't sore in the morning.

We rode for a solid hour through the woods. I pretended I lived in a Jane Austen novel and wrote prose in my head about galloping after my love on the rain. It was lovely.

Charis got to ride by herself too. They had another guide on horseback that was attached by this rope and rode in front of her. He was like her tow truck. She loved it. We were nervous because she is not a fan of animals in general. She has told me she hates dolphins because they would eat her dress. The last time she tried to ride something, it was an elephant. She wouldn't even do near it. So, this was a big victory for her.

Selah could not be more in love with horses. She was telling me all kinds of wonderful facts about trotting and cantor and how you should wear your hair while on horseback. She was awesome to watch.

Little buddy here rode "Marcus" and was ecstatic when, as I rode behind him, Marcus started to poop. It pretty much made my son's day.

My horse's name was Aloof. Perfect.

The day was gorgeous. After the horse riding, we headed out to grab a quick lunch and get to partying at Incredible Pizza. Both Malachi and Charis had birthdays recently. So, this was the celebration.

He has not put this toy down since he got it. Both my boys are Buzz obsessed. He even wrote a poem and painted a picture about him. Here's the poem:

Buzz has wings, they come out, ZING! He shoots lasers, (he can shoot YOU later). He can talk, he can walk, if you want to play with him, YOU walk, walk, walk, to “toys r us!

Little Charis is all about Rapunzel. Grandpa took the kids to see Tangled a little while back and she's been smitten with this character ever since. She also painted a picture of her doll yesterday.

We had such a great time. We spent almost 5 hours at the Pizza/Game place. I got last place in laser tag. And yes, I'm blaming it on my faulty gun. This was kind of our last hoorah before going home to China. I'm so glad we did it, everyone had fun. And then we slept well....really, really well.

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