Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Inner Rockstar

I have several friends who are amazing artists. Either they can paint these incredible murals, write poetic songs, play an instrument wonderfully, create sculptures, etc. I often feel like an artist on the inside, but the final product never satisfies this inner artist in me. If I had to pick one area that I would love to be good at, it would be singing. I even taught myself how to play guitar. But then, ya know what?! When you play guitar, people expect you to sing. By.yourself.

I've even had dreams where I was a rockstar. I woke up in the morning and told Brad that I had a prophetic dream. He said it was "pathetic" and that I should just wait for heaven.

There have been several occasions where I misheard things and I just kept on signing...confidently. One of them was a Third day song. It's an old one called "Consuming Fire." The chorus goes like this:

Our God, He is a Consuming Fire.

I heard (and sang) :

Our God, He is a Kung Fu-ing Fighter.

Even as I sang, I thought, "That's weird Mac. (Cause Mac is the lead singer's name. And remember, in my head, I'm friends with all the big names) But I guess it's not totally inaccurate to think that God might want to Kung Fu somebody. He kinda did that to Sodom and Gomorrah. Almost did to Ninevah, til big man Jonah showed up. "

I sang it this way for quite a long time. As in, let's count in months, not days.
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