Monday, October 18, 2010

little update

Here's a little update on our world.

Makaria has another appointment with the doctors downtown at the end of Oct. At that point, we should have most of the tests back and be able to assess things. We are praying for a diagnosis so that we can start treating things. That's about all we know. Makaria is feeling totally fine externally, so we'll see what comes up in these tests.

On another note, all of our wonderful friends at home are having to deal with our apartment. We were supposed to be moving this week. Instead, our friends are dealing with a very frustrating landlord and figuring out what to do with our stuff. Pray for them as they work very diligently on our behalf. There will be definite treasures in heaven for this one.

And then pray that we figure out what is going on with Makaria. For wisdom, patience, and joy.

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