Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why We Look Like Liars

These are just a few reasons why October might be difficult for our family. And also why when we tell our kids that America is not just about fun, games, and good food, we look like complete liars.

They have made forts in the pool with cousins.

Rode in go carts with mom and maybe, just maybe, talked trash with 12 year old boys.

Made frogs for homeschool out of cake and lots of candy goodness.

Have a blast with a house full of our college friends and their kids. And tell stories of when we were college punks.

Have a huge bouncy moonwalky thing set up in the back yard during a family party.

Wrestle Uncle Mike in the pool. Doesn't every kid love the "Uncle Mike" in the family that wrestles and tells jokes and frequently reminds us that "Whoever smelt it dealt it!"

Had sleepovers with a cousin that you haven't seen since you were both 5 years old.
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