Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Nights

While at times I am prone to slight exaggeration, I wanted to show you evidence. Evidence of why I needed to inject some silence into my surroundings. This is a picture taken in Nanjing, China during the hot summer months. And the smiles would seem to indicate that these people are enjoying themselves. I'm not sure I'd be smiling. Although I might be pinching unsuspecting people and selfishly smirking.

While there is a little more personal space, I fear it's only because they are swimming in the OCEAN. They wouldn't be able to spot a tar ball if they were trying.

And just for the record, I have never seen a public restroom at a Chinese public beach. That, my friends, is an equation that yields only disastrous results.

And while we're at it, America should bring back the Speedo. Look how confident. How suave he looks as he waits to jump into those murky waters. Let's pretend that "Jeremiah was a bullfrog..." is playing in the background. It will make you smile instead of stare at the lack of bathing suit covering the young men climbing the a speedo.

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