Saturday, August 14, 2010

DC in summary

When you're only in Washington, DC for 5 days, this is what you can do:

Take pictures of the beautiful area in which you are staying. Simultaneously pretend you are the Huxtables and reminisce about the time Theo decided he wasn't going to college. That Theo. So rash. So impulsive. So trendy in his silk shirts and kid 'n play haircut.

You take a family picture in front of the White House and wonder just how much time Michelle Obama actually spends in her "First Lady Garden" that she planted with the underprivileged elementary school kids this past Spring. You also talk about how long it would take for you to get taken down if you decided to jump the fence.

You gaze at the capitol building after your tour and blatantly stare at all the nationalities represented in America.

Then, you head out to gorgeous Mount Vernon for a tour. You enter the children's section while the kids dress up and learn all about George Washington and his family. You also contemplate how many other people will think that one of our children looks like the kitchen help in the above picture.

You let your kids play with Madagascar roaches and tell them that it's really fun to find them and kill them. Another task now officially delegated out.

You talk to one of the last Holocaust survivors and become both humbled and amazed at her story and bravery. You also stare at the picture you took and laugh because it looks like the sweet lady has really gangly arms that are hugging your son.

You do a scavenger hunt around the monuments. One of the tasks is asking your grandfather about the Vietnam War while doing a rubbing of some of his friends who did not make it out alive.

I love DC. Everything is free and amazing. We did a month long unit on DC before going and I'm so glad that we did. The kids really a great job walking in the heat. We all learned a ton and cannot wait to go back in a few years.
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