Thursday, December 03, 2009

Mothering sanity and a language mishap

I don't like resting. But, that's not good. Honestly, I feel guilty about sitting down, resting, "doing something for myself", or taking some time away. I'm not sure why, but I do. And then I hit a wall, like the one that my face ran into a couple of days ago. I do not do a good job of balancing work and play. And honestly, I'm not sure what tangible steps I need to take in order to be more balanced. There are practical things in my day that just can't be left alone. I have 5 kids. We homeschool. We live in a place where it just takes longer to do pretty much everything-except make rice. And none of these things are by accident. I'm not complaining, because there is so much goodness from the Lord in each of these things. I'm more just looking for advice on how to maintain sanity as the mom and caretaker of the house. I don't want to run and run and then collapse. I'd rather run at a slower pace, but not have to stop and get water and take a breath as often. The other part of me says that this is just the season of life we're in. Small kids. Foundational homeschooling. Two babies. So do I just pray for stamina and sanity? I think of my Nana who raised 5 kids with none of the modern conveniences that we have and then I tell myself "you're being a wimp. Suck it up. Everybody's tired." We had a mentor tell us one time "this is life. It's tiring. Get over it." Very true.

On a funny note: my son, Malachi, made up a way to say "you want a piece of me!" in Chinese. Our friend said that technically it's accurate, but not the way they would say it. "But," she said "you can say it that way in your own home." So he's been saying it to us and we've all laughed and laughed. Well, he decided to tell the waitress at a local restaraunt "you want a piece of me?!" (he was just joking). Our friend was mortified when that phrase came out of his mouth because in Chinese, it literally means "Are you sexually attracted to me?"

I am amazingly blessed by my wonderfully family. And I really do think that I just need to expect to be tired and pray for grace abundantly.
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