Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Little Family Christmas Cheer

I LOVE Christmas! And honestly, I love celebrating Christmas outside of America. Why? Because we get to avoid the commercial nonsense that comes along with this season. Although we do have to endure Santa's face that is now popping up everywhere. There is not even a concept here that Christmas is about anything BUT Santa. Stupid Santa Claus. (We obviously don't do the Santa thing. We told our kids that it's like telling them that we're having a birthday party for them and then when everyone shows up, we celebrate Dora the Explorer instead. We don't celebrate their birthday at all, but instead celebrate some random person, just because they are nice and cute. Christmas is about Jesus and that's it. Ok, finished now.)

We've got several family traditions that are getting more and more fun as our kids get older. I thought I'd share just a few.

Every year, we take 25 of the "50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die" or the "Passion of the Christ" by John Piper and we talk about one every night. Our friends were laughing the other night, because one of our first ones was "to absorb the wrath of God." As heavy as this sounds, it's important that our kids understand the full breadth of this holiday. It's not just about cute babies, fluffy sheep and tamed camels. It's about Jesus and His purpose and His redemption. Anyway, after each night, we put the reason on an ornament and hang it here on our little tree. Our other tree is wedged between the ceiling and window. Literally wedged. But it's a cute little guy.

We made some carolers out of toilet paper rolls. The kids had a blast making them. And we got to find a use for all the unmatched kid's socks that creep around on our floors.

The kid's kindergarten was canceled this week because "we've got stuff to do." That was the reason given to us. We've learned just not to ask why. So, an impromptu nativity scene was in order. Makaria, being the youngest (note, I did not say smallest) was nominated to be Jesus.

Kesed was the one socked, pantless shepherd that got the memo a little late. The other shepherds and wise men have beaten him to the manger.

I think Jesus is doing a little somethin' somethin' in his diaper while unsuspecting Mary, Joseph and the gang are busy praying and worshipping their Lord.

I love this one, because I totally think Mary would have played peek-a-boo with Jesus.

I'm sure this is the first of several Christmas blogs. But for now, I'm going to finish making a stocking.
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