Monday, December 14, 2009

The early years

The following is the conclusion to the most recent blog post on Desiring God, which discusses Joseph and Mary's early years as a family:

"The Holy Family's first few years were not tranquil. They were filled

with grueling travel during the hardest part of pregnancy, a birth in

worse than a barn, no steady income, an assassination attempt, two dessert

crossings on foot with an infant, living in a foreign country, waiting on

God for guidance and provisions just in the nick of time. It was

difficult, expensive, time-consuming, career-delaying and full of


And it was God's will.

The unplanned, inefficient detours of our lives are planned by God. They

are common for disciples, and they commonly don't make sense in the

moment. But God's ways are not our ways because our lives are about him,

not about us. He is orchestrating far more than we know in every

unexpected event and delay.

So when you find yourself suddenly moving in a direction you had not

planned, take heart, hold tight, and trust God's navigation."

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