Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Fe modes of Transportation

I've got lots of pictures from our trip to Santa Fe. Two families offered to fly Brad and I up to New Mexico and stay in their mountain home for a few days. We thought about it for about .3 seconds and we accepted their generous offer. Our 12 year anniversary is this month, so we decided to make this our celebration. It was awesome. We ate, walked, read, sat, watched two movies a night, played games and ate lots of dessert. It was fantastic! I'll post more pictures as the week goes by, but for now, we'll call this post "Transportation."

This is me leaning against the Lexus Land Rover like I own the place. A girl can dream. I'm even wearing my Hollywood sunglasses. It only felt right to be wearing them as I leaned against the luxury SUV.

The weather was incredible the whole time. It was fantastic to spend some down time with Brad. We got to really share and hear each other out on lots of things. Thanks to those families for blessing our marriage in such a tangible way.
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