Monday, December 13, 2010

Malachi and Mom Date

My buddy and I were long overdue for a little Malachi and Mom date time. The new movie "Mega Mind" was out and we decided to give it a try. But first stop was dinner.

We decided to eat at the food court at the mall. Only high class for us. He had Sonic, but was more excited about the strawberry milk shake and the Guinness Book of World Records that came with the kid's meal.

Then, it was off to the movies. When your date is 6, this is what you do at the back of the movie theater. I'm going to let him know that 10 years from now, that's still what boys do at the back of movie theaters. No need for him to think otherwise.

I love this kid. We had a blast together. We laughed and talked about how hard a dolphin's tail is and how clown fish can live near sea anemones without getting hurt. He's full of wonderful facts. He's also quite the gentleman.

Can't wait for our next time out.
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