Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little baking time

Since being in this country of convenient foods, I have taken full advantage of how stinkin' easy it is to cook. Each of these things below would have taken DAYS in China. And while I'm prone to exagerration, you can ask anyone living overseas. I would have had to make the frosting, the marshmallows, graham crackers, and cake all from scratch. When I see how much labor can go into a simple snowman cupcake, it takes the creative wind out of my sails sometimes. But not here! Open a box, dump in an egg or two. Peel back the lid on the frosting and we're golden. It's been fun. Thought I'd share a few we've done here lately.

We had all the cousins make turkey cupcakes. It was messy and fun. I've had to get good at not trying to fix my kid's creations. I have this idea of what it should look like and I want them to conform. Ya, that doesn't usually happen. So, I've learned to rejoice in their creations.

I stole this idea from a friend of making melting snowmen. They are perfect for living in Texas. And the cookies are just about as tall as the snowmen that you can make here.

Then we made some not-so-melted-snowmen.

Then I ran out of white frosting, so I used chocolate because if you've ever lived in a place where it snows all winter, you know that this is actually what snow looks like after the first snow.

We had so much fun making them. Have fun baking!
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