Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zoos and such

Ok, quick recap on the last few weeks:

My sister did a photo shoot with our family. (this one is my picture. You'll be able to see the difference when I post hers) We tested not only her photography skills, but her claim to Godliness, as we tried to wrangle 5 kids. I'll do a post with the final results later. She's amazingly talented and loves my children. And we can make jokes about Target. I love her.

We took DY tubing. We figured that she's been swimming now for about 2 months, so why not throw her into a frigid river to demonstrate her skills. She did great. My friend on the right of me is awesome too. She still loves me despite my shenanigans. And she lets me ride down the rapids in her tube after a failed attempt to flip her over. Now that's a good friend.

The older 3 kids went to the ranch. They fed cows, learned about rattlesnakes, and wore the same clothes all weekend.

I'm not sure who gave my little girl permission to grow up, but it certainly wasn't me.

We threw a baby shower for my cousin. They are fostering to adopt and we cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for them. It was a sweet time with family. Chocolate, peanut butter cupcakes and pumpkin bread with maple cream cheese spread were also in attendance.

I have another niece! Brad's sister gave birth to little Cheyenne. She is adorable.

DY and I made our way up to College Station to shoot a video. And Makaria apparently thought she was rollin' at a club.

We went to the zoo with some good friends. I have to admit that I am allergic to zoos, but it's always fun to hang out with our friends. I've been know to leave zoos in tears. We spent some of our time looking through the fake dinosaur exhibit in which you had to pay for an overpriced ticket to enter. We peeked through the holes in the wall and decided we couldn't understand why someone would pay to see those things.

Despite all that's been going on, it's fun to reflect on the fun things we've gotten to do.
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