Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Do you remember the computer game "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego"? We felt so advanced playing that during our history class. It was all pixeled out and had a brunette lady with an explorers hat. You might have to reach deep into the memory archives for that one. Like, reach back past jelly bracelets and garbage pail kids. Anyway, it's been fun to have friends from all over the States come and visit and hang out with us. Here we go:

From LA (as in crawfish and gumbo, not the Crawford and Gibson type LA), we had friends that came and danced in public to "Proud to be an American" while watching the water fountains danced gaily to the tempo.

We ate Chic-Fil-A in the park. Nobody stared, nobody took pictures. We see sawed and talked about how our Chinese is slowly dripping out of our heads and into the deep, dark language abyss.

We ate with friends in H-town. We were blessed by their conversation, their counsel and their picking up the bill for our fajitas. :)

We had a pool party at my sister's house. We ate, swam and ate some more. Makaria and her cousin, Grae, ate and posed and threw their food on their stomachs and giggled. Why is it not still ok to do that? Darned social rules.

We had friends from OK. Not the corral, but as in "Tulsa, you know Monica, the Paris of the South!" They aren't really from Tulsa, but all Oklahoma cities are the same, so let's just stick with the pop culture reference. As always, we were ministered to through them. We also played games and took pictures featuring Ritz crackers, a board game and our latest dosage of Tuberculosis medicine. My sister and her husband were there to. It's always nice to have people there you can pick on and they can't leave because they are family.

We ate burritos. Big. Honkin. Burritos.

We ate smores and introduced our kids to stars. You know, the little blinky things in the sky. They really do exist past that layer of pollution that we normally see resting in our sky.

We celebrated our wonderful friend's birthday. She's visiting us here in the States. She's an incredible gift to us. What a joy it was to celebrate with her. We celebrated by eating Mexican food. Any occasion is appropriate to eat Mexican food. Even if it's celebrating your Chinese friend's birthday. Hey, there was rice. She was fine.

We played in fountains. Splashed, laughed, danced and eventually got rained on. It was glorious.

God's given us incredible friends. Thank you, Lord!
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