Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My crush on satellite radio

Apart from gas stations, I have also had a summer fling with satellite radio. What a great idea. I have also loved the Christian radio station that is in Houston. But, I have to admit, the Dave Crowder and Chris Tomlin loop that they play every hour can get old. But this satellite radio thing is allowing me to listen gleefully to Bobby Brown and Bel Biv Devoe on the 90's station. I have found myself singing along, loudly, to "Hip Hop Hooray" and being baffled at my ability to remember those profound lyrics like "It's 6 o'clock on my stopwatch, no time to kill, I gotta date, I can't can't be late.....HEY....."

I will tell you that it's been a couple of decades since I've heard these songs and yet I can sing along and not miss a beat. How come I can't remember Scripture like that?! Maybe I should write Paula Abdul and ask her to do a song on Romans 8. And we could get that cool cat to take two steps forward and take two steps back and sing along about God working all things out for those who love Him.

As a sidenote of complete awkwardness, I wanted to share how profound I was as a child. I used to organize my tapes (for those readers under 30, that's the way we all used to listen to music. And we would tape things off the radio and make mix tapes for our friends. And for the boys we had crushes on. Then we would write I love ----, with each space representing a letter of his name on our Trapper Keepers. It was very mature and very real for all of us. And also very convenient when the next week, we changed our minds and we could just add a letter or two so that we could change the name to our next week's love). Back to the tape organization. I would arrange my tapes so that the non-Christian tapes would be right next to my Christian tapes. So it looked like this: Micheal Jackson, Petra, Madonna, DC Talk, Poison, Micheal W. Smith. And I prayed for those Christian tapes to have a good influence on my non-Christian tapes. As if, like Night at the Museum, Sandi Patti would start evangelizing to George Michael at night while I slept. I totally believed this would work. And I thought I was a genius for thinking of the idea. Please feel free to steal this idea. I know it will transform the world. I was sure of it then and I'm sure of it now.
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