Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still at Peace

So, this is what is interesting about life. I am on the phone with my Dad who is going to the hospital. He is going to go get Brad and Selah who were dropping off stool samples (sorry for that, but it adds color and reality to this little blog post here) to be tested to figure out what is going on with Makaria. She got 8-10 vials of blood taken yesterday. And we are supposed to get 3 different stool samples from her and drop them off individually at the hospital. Our car broke down. And our lease on our apartment in China is up in October. And now, we will be in the States until at least the beginning of November. And there are several other things that I won't bore you with that will be upheaveled in this whole thing.

But it's been weird because I don't feel any anxiety. Curiosity maybe, but I feel at rest in the Lord. I've been camped out in Psalm 34 this month and it has reminded me over and over again that as we seek the Lord, we will lack no good thing. And that abiding in the Lord is all satisfying. These are not cliche phrases I've slapped on my refrigerator. I understand these at a heart level this month.

God is good no matter my day. He is on His throne no matter my heart's vain discontent. He is God and He will remain.
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