Thursday, August 06, 2009

Kesed's turn for stitches.

We figured that we didn't have enough going on, so we decided that a trip to the hospital was in order. Those of you who have known us for awhile now, know that we are systematically getting stitches in descending age order (with a brief pause for Malachi to receive them twice. But it was in a row, so the sequence wasn't broken. Thanks buddy.) So it was Kesed's turn.

It was the first day at the new kindergarten for Charis and Malachi. They had mopped the floors all clean, but somehow forgot to make sure the stairs were dry before parents came to drop off their kids for the morning. Brad was walking down the stairs with Kesed in his arms when he slipped. He's got a nasty bruise on his arm, but no break. But Kesed's head was bloody. That top picture is his shirt saturated with blood. So Carrie, the principal and a teacher hopped into a car and rushed him to the hospital.

In Chinese hospitals, you just walk right in and find a doctor and tell them what you need. So we saw someone immediately. But before you can be seen, you must pay. The school paid for the whole thing because they felt so bad. Kesed screamed and kicked as I (Carrie), a nurse and a teacher held him in place to get his stitch.

After juice and dried sweat and sour seaweed from the principal, a gauze yamaka, a run to another hospital because he's allergic to some part of the tetanus shot, another tetanus shot and a power nap later, we were on our way home. And in keeping with our stitches tradition, he got ice cream at home. By the way, yes I agree that it should be wrong that one family has established a "stitches tradition." But, all is well now and he back to running and playing.
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