Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fly Away 2009

Malachi was reading about the Wright Brothers last week, so we took the opportunity to have the "Fly Away 2009" paper airplane competition. The winds were looking a bit strong, but the competition was geared up and ready to go. But first, let's introduce the competitors.

First, there was Malachi. Steady and fierce, he was primed and ready for take off. He's flying his 2009 model, made of typing paper with green embellishments. The "Super Star" was expected to make a good, solid showing.

Next up: Charis. She's sly and unassuming as she sweeps away the other competitors with her flying prowess and some smooth slights of hand that some might perceive as 'cheating.' Her plane the "apple and banana and fly" is a high flyer also made of typing paper and pretty much every color available in the marker box.

Last, but certainly not least, Selah. She's the veteran competitor this year, with 7 and a half years of experience under her belt. She's quick and confident. This year, she's flying "The Kite," also made of a white typing paper covered in hearts and stars.

As you can see, the competition got heated before we even began. The stakes were high, with an ice cream promised to the winner.

We interviewed each person and got a brief bio on both the pilots and the planes they were navigating.

They all lined up. We did have a brief wind delay, but before long, the launch was underway. Each pilot had 3 flights. We measured who flew the furthest on each leg and the pilot with the most wins, won the entire competition. 2 out of the 3 legs were won by Selah. Charis took one round, but it was found out by the replay camera that she had run with her plane for several yards. So Malachi won one leg and Selah won 2. The winner of Fly Away 2009 belongs to the veteran, Selah V.

It was a fierce competition folks, but fun was indeed had by all.

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