Thursday, August 06, 2009

Brad and Makaria's birthday

The day we made the adoption final was also Makaria's estimated 1st birthday! But we didn't want to celebrate it without the rest of the family, so we waited until we got back home to celebrate. And now Brad and Makaria share birthday months. There is a Pizza Hut really near our home. This is a change from the ketchup, shrimp and corn pizza we are used to at our "pizza" places in our old city.

Makaria's all about the pizza. She finished off a piece and a half. She's by far the most robust (read: fat) of all of our children. She's a wonderful eater. And she's started walking! We had our birthday tradition of going around the table and telling things we love about that birthday person. The kids did a wonderful job of praising their wonderful father. They love that he spends time with them even when he's busy. That he loves to wrestle and tickle. They went on and on, it was great.

We skipped the cake thing and did ice cream sundaes instead. I found coffee ice cream, so that made Brad happy. We did stick the candle in the ice cream and it serenaded us in its usual high pitched fashion.

Makaria enjoyed the ice cream, but wasn't crazy about it. I think cold food is a new thing for her.
I think this is my favorite kid photo of all time. It just sums it up.

Happy birthday to Brad and Makaria, we love you!
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