Friday, April 25, 2008

Who says? (Reflections from Single Fatherhood)

Carrie has been gone all week. It’s been my turn at single parenthood. I’ve heard people say in the past things like parenting will make you patient….blah blah blah. Who says? A week alone with all the house duties, homeschooling, my normal responsibilities, I’ve not feeling any more patient. It’s like one of those other half truths….time will heal. (Any one still remember those embarrassing moments from junior high? Yah, my pride still hurts.)  Only the Holy Spirit makes us patient (Galatians 5:22-23).


Rather, kids and time simply show how sinful I (we) am. It’s not a fun process, but necessary. Like the law, it doesn’t save you but at least it shows you your need and how big those blind spots actually are. It’s been a tough week mainly on my heart as I’ve been disgusted with the inner murmurings and anxiety of my heart. My prayer has come from Colossians 1:11…to have “endurance and patience with joy.” This has been a great week of reminding me that I don’t get Jesus…his character is beyond our comprehension. Unless we go through trial or periods of pain and exposure, we’ll never be in such awe as we ought. For that I’m thankful.


For those of you who know me best, you know I am incessantly meditating on two topics: (1) Calvinism (a.k.a. Predestination, Election, Doctrines of Grace, (insert your favorite name)) and (2) parenting. This week has challenged me to reread one of my new favorite parenting books…which I commend to you.


“Sacred Parenting”—not your typical parenting book. It’s about how to take advantage of the process of parenting for the sake of our spiritual growth. I’ve never read anything so right on and clear as this one. I highly recommend it.


(For those who want an exceptional—outstanding—“how to” suggestion, I suggest “Shepherding a Child’s Heart”. Revolutionary among modern books…wonderful application of Scripture without platitudes, generalizations, and psychological babble)





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