Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Week and Graduation

We made it!! My wonderful husband came home last night and we all survived to see him come home. Here's a few pictures from our time. Here's an American friend reading to Selah and Malachi. There aren't many Americans in our city of 2.5 million, so the ones we know we treasure dearly. She and her husband have become good friends and are a really great source of encouragement to us. She came over one night to help me through was I affectionately call "Melt Down Hour". That would refer to the 5-7 pm time in our home. That seems to be the hardest period of time in our home. We're all too tired to function well.

Here's Kesed and his friend. She is so cute. And I'm not sure why, but I always feel like pictures of Chinese babies need to be in black and white. Her mom told me that there's a saying in China that is common among parents and it's basically "I don't need an umbrella, I've got my head." She sings it to her often, especially when our kids hang out because her head is so much bigger than Keseds.

Here's a good friend of ours! She LOVES kids and is not at all intimidated by 4! That's a rare find here. She's really a treasure to our family. Malachi took the second picture!

And here's Selah's graduation (we had this in the 24 hours that Brad was at home). So now she's officially a 2nd grader!!! We are really proud of her. She is reading chapter books and remains so curious about everything. She's really into history at the moment. Her heart for serving our family and sharing good news with others is phenomenal. We love you, Selah!

There's a one month old dog that lives in our apartment complex and our kids have fallen in love. They and several other kids have been playing with the sweet puppy every afternoon. "Maybe a few years from now" has been my response :).

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