Saturday, April 05, 2008

I just want...

I know that God is good. I know that He has His hands in our lives. I can see Him vividly displayed right now in our time here. But there are sometimes that the "I wants," seem to take over my thought life. It started last night as I was reading some blogs of some friends. They are making cute crafts, buying cute curtains and dressing their kids in cute clothing. I went to bed longing for something fun and cute. This is a really shallow post, but my thoughts nonetheless. Many think that people living overseas shouldn't struggle with this kind of stuff. For us, it is the very fact that we live overseas that has exposed this junk. I digress. Here's a list of
"I wants," that I have been collecting in my mind since my blog reading episode last night.


To have a picnic with my family without 15 other people standing around us criticizing our parenting.

To allow my kids to run through grass.

My kids clothes to be clean, which never happens here.

To see my new niece before she's 5. And to see my other nephews and my other friends' babies/kids outside of a picture.

Hot water to wash my dishes and take a shower in.

A week to go by where nothing breaks in our apt.

To call up family and tell them come over to watch a football game. Not pingpong.

To call up friends and have them come over to eat chips and queso. Yes, the processed cheese that clogs your colon.

To sit and have a conversation in English at Starbucks. And not drinking this Nescafe stuff that is 51% sugar, 40% creamer and other junk and 9% coffee.

Walk on the streets not fearing spit, poop, pee and various other bodily fluids that decorate our streets.

To eat pizza that doesn't use ketchup for the sauce and corn, shrimp and hot dogs for the toppings.

To be invited to dinner by someone because they like us and not because they want us to teach them English.

People to stay in line and not cut in front of me, so that I don't have to throw elbows at grandmothers.

To watch my kids play soccer on the weekends and eat those orange halves at half-time and drink juices boxes and the end.

I just want to be normal....just for one day.
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