Monday, October 08, 2012

The day I turned 36.

I turned 36 last week. That's a precarious number when rounded up. There are a few things I've realized about being 36.

(I have also come to realize that I could have baby sat Justin Beiber and maybe even given birth to him. 1994...let that sink in.)

1. I've skated past wearing the shorts stage. It's all capris from here on.  And bathing suits with skirts. And probably insoles.

2. I can no longer flip off diving boards or even turn my head too fast. I experience instant vertigo and it leaves me feeling like I'm at a Pink Floyd concert.

3. I have to do things like put on face cream, get moles removed, and pluck hairs not just on my eyebrows.

4. When I tell a story about college and start by saying, "ten years ago..." I actually mean almost 20 years ago but my brain refuses to think in decades.

5. I find myself put out when this younger generation doesn't know things like, "We didn't start the fire," OJ Simpson, or how to taper roll their jeans.

6. I feel like I should be wearing tucked in floral print blouses.  And maybe even iron them.

7. I'm oh so grateful that the Lord didn't listen to my ridiculous "husband list" that went something like this:

My future husband would wear mid-calf length socks. Never a color, always white. He would be witty, smart, and able to grill. He wouldn't be too needy nor would he know how to sew. He would play guitar, soccer, and board games with orphans. 

8. Playing badminton is now considered vigorous exercise that will result in a sore right arm in the morning. Sometimes it will also result in tennis elbow and a pulled hamstring.

9. In my mind you can still do cartwheels, the hammer, and wear jelly bracelets.

10. I gravitate towards documentaries, wordless music, and audio books read by Morgan Freedman.

People have asked if I feel old and I have to say that it hasn't been that traumatic for me this year. I'm probably in denial. But when I look at the fact that I have 5 children, 36 just feels right.

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