Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kesed is 5! Look out world

This little dude turned 5 last week. I already blogged about the parenting fail all stemming from a round cake. That's right...a round cake. Three cheers for strong-willed children. The great thing about strong-willed children, is that if the Lord gets a hold of their hearts, they turn into strong-willed followers of Christ. They maintain conviction and live with passion. Lord, please capture his heart. Like as in...tomorrow. 

He chose to have quiche for his birthday. This dude loves a good quiche. He and every church-going woman over 60. We went around and shared some of the things we loved about him. 

Loves to make people laugh
Enjoys learning
Compassionate and caring brother
Strong sense of justice
Strong leader
He only wants to marry someone of Asian decent. 

Kesed brings us an immense amount of joy and laughter. He is focused and determined in all things. He does life like it's the fourth quarter and he's down by one. Full throttle.

 I love his zeal and passion and yet he comes to wipe his sisters' eyes when they are crying. Happy Birthday to our little monkey. We love you!

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