Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Junior High Nightmare of Senior High Proportions

I have realized for awhile now that I have shied (Is that how you spell shy-ed? That looks like the Hebrew word for cabbage.) away from Biblical reflections. Some of it is because my husband is doing a PhD and when that happens, you feel like any contributions you make to the discussion are like Pez candy. People tolerate the candy because it's in a cute little container. The candy really isn't that good. I'm just not in the business of being patronized. Not by my husband, but my those lovely little voices in my head.

So, I've felt like my thoughts seem a tad trivial and immature. But I also love reading a Bible story and scuffling through the dirt with the characters. Finding rocks in my shoes and manna in my shirt pocket because I've spent time in these stories.

The other totally self-absorbed part of it is that there is not really much to comment on when you do these types of posts. Unless you are calling people to buy fair trade or give up rock music, comments are fairly silent. That makes me feel like I'm at a junior high dance and my skirt is tucked in my underwear. And then Raw Bass comes on I'm all in that dance circle giving it the varsity try while everyone else is watching my skirt tucked in my underwear. Everyone snickers and nobody tells me until the song is over. You just don't know if the people reading are actually reading or just metaphorically patting you on the head.


That's how it feels when I do these types of posts. So, there it is all of its dysfunctional glory. Over the next two days I'm going to throw some of my reflections out there about the Israelites. This was going to go in a chapter in my next book, but I will tell you that I'm not sure I have the energy nor enough Sara Groves music to get me through another book just yet.

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