Thursday, September 27, 2012

China Pinterest: Lighting

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Several weeks ago I brought to you, China Pinterest. My new motto is "Don't ask why, just be ok with it." I don't know the other Pinterest's motto. I'm sure it's something about "Pin it now, convince yourself you'll do it later."

Today we're talking lighting. It's the thing that pushes back the shadows of our lives. Light is a universal need by all of humanity. 


Here you can see the faint crinkle of thick scotch tape. When your lamp has been pummeled with soccer balls and bouncy red horses, it no longer stands upright. Take a light weight tape and adhere the lamp to your wall. Voila! A perfectly straight lamp. 

Ikea will be jealous they didn't think of this first. Track lighting. When T-Rex finds himself being man handled by My Little Ponies, things can get out of hand. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes Mr. T Rex goes flying across the room and punctures your perfectly upright lamp. 

This now allows you to have track lighting down your hallway. This lamp has now been promoted to: Multi-Directional Lighting.

In China the more colors and metals you can represent in your lighting, the better. This classic 1980-tattoo inspired light hangs purposelessly over our bookshelf. Dangling down are streams of teardrop shaped fake crystals. Just in case I ever lose an earring on top of the bookshelf or am found wandering aimlessly in the middle of the night longing to play a quick game of Risk. 

If you don't actually want to use your living room lights, be sure to stretch a thick tan canvas over that light.  You can try and turn the light on but it will be in vain. No lightbulb can penetrate the force of faux animal skin. Just leave it off and leave the faux animal pelts for high heels and gaudy handbags.

Whew, what a money saver!

This is the living room light in my friend's house. It's a multi-functional reading/rave light. On crazy Wednesday nights, I can look through my window and see them homeschooling by the soft turning light of that disco ball. Just keepin' things classy. 

 I'm so thankful for this electrical outlet place subtly above the toilet and towel rack. Just in case I ever need to charge my computer while going to the bathroom. This is an amazing time saver. 

You can teach the kids how electricity works as you pick something plastic, NOT metal, to help dislodge this cord. All of the sudden this frustrating electrical plug has become a science manipulative. 

When they install outlets here, oftentimes they just drill holes and hope for the best. This leads to things like this. They tried once to put this lighting in, but the wires didn't reach. Take two. This is helpful to show my kids, "If at first you don't succeed...try, try again." Lighting AND a moral. Perfect. 

Suggestions on what to tackle next?

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