Monday, September 10, 2012

The change of plans and translating ( camp 2 )

Hey- I'm back.

         I have just recovered from that two week camp and I actually don't go to bed at 7:00pm anymore. Anyway, as I said in the last blog Drinking sodas and making friends (1),  I (Selah) was just going to head home at graduation night because the whole gang would be there anyway and it would be a lot more convenient. Well, the director came up to us and said "Hey, we are going to take the americans touring around the city and we don't have any translators. Can Selah stay for about 3 more days?" Well this was a shock!
         So with a happy heart I said farewell to my family and stayed for three more days. We went to the panda world. ( Don't ever go there unless you want to be eaten alive by bugs or get teared up. It was horrible.) And we went to  the mountain where Watchman Nee lived and had training centers at. A shepherd at every landmark up there would make a 10-15 minute speech about the place we were at and more about Watchman Nee's life.
          The first time he made that speech, he finished the first sentence and turned to me, expecting something. I thought "What?"  Then the director that was with us said,"Oh you are translating!" So he would say something and I would translate. PHEW! It was tiring.

                                        These pictures below are the ones taken at graduation.

                                 A buddy and one of the girls from the orphanage.(far right.)

                                                        Doing the hokey pokey

                                                                  Trying to corral.

                                           Foreign  teachers going to the front and blushing.

      Through all those tears and laughter I had one of the best 2 weeks of my life. I learned that my opinion of normal will be different than a lot of people.  Like eating chicken claws; normal. Having porridge for breakfast instead of instant oatmeal; normal.....

       I am glad I got to serve in this special way and I hope I will be able to do it again.
再见 ( good bye)

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