Monday, September 24, 2012

Noonday Collection Giveaway-We're talking futures today!

I'm pumped about this giveaway! Whenever you can purchase something and also be a part of bringing justice and hope to people, I consider it a win-win. My good friend, Jamie, has been a part of Noonday Collection for awhile and I asked her to share a little and then we'll be giving away this bracelet:

Hi everyone! I’m so excited that Carrie has opened up her blog to share about Noonday Collection, an amazing company that sells jewelry, accessories, and home goods all handmade by women around the world who are working their way out of poverty. Noonday Collection was started by Jessica Honegger a few years ago as a fundraiser for the adoption of her son from Rwanda and has turned into a thriving “not-just-for-profit” business that is changing the lives of women across the globe. 

This business model is revolutionary, because it acknowledges the fact that companies do not have to choose between making money and helping others. You can do both and still be successful! These women are breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives--not through a hand out, but through an opportunity to bring their goods to the global marketplace and sell them for a fair price. 

I found out about Noonday Collection about two years ago when I was invited to attend a trunk show that was being hosted to benefit a friend’s adoption. (Hostesses of trunk shows can choose between receiving 10% of the profits from their show in merchandise or in cash to go towards their own or a friend’s adoption costs.) As a huge proponent of the fair trade industry, I was thrilled that buying these beautiful pieces was actually a way that I could help women in developing countries and contribute to my friend’s adoption. 

By purchasing these gorgeous necklaces, earrings, scarves, and purses (and much more!) you have the opportunity to stand behind these women and support them in their endeavor to change their lives for the better. In fact, the name “Noonday Collection” was taken from Isaiah 58:10 which says “when you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will shine like the noonday.” The oppression of poverty, injustice, and hopelessness is crushing, but these women are feeling the warmth of that noonday sun on their faces as we purchase the items that they lovingly craft.And lest you think you have to compromise your sense of style by buying from Noonday, check out the fall line that just came out. Gorgeous, fashion-forward pieces that go with absolutely everything! The buyers at Noonday Collection choose the very best—a balanced offering of trendy and classic. There is something for every style so take a minute to browse the website and pick out your favorites! I hope you’ll join me in this opportunity to look good while doing good! 

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My personal link to the noonday site is

Ok, so here are the details of the giveaway:

I love that Noonday Collection is giving these women hope in their future. With that in mind, leave a comment here to enter. I want to hear about what you wanted to be when you grow up. I'll start.

I wanted to be a cashier at Eckerd's Drugstore. Pretty sure I was enamored with the cash register. It made my parents overwhelmingly proud to be raising such an overachiever.

It's your turn. Just comment below on what you wanted to be when you grow up and why. The winner will be picked at random and will receive the bracelet pictured at the top. For my overseas friends, you can enter and then I'll have it sent to a stateside address. Or if you win and want it sent to someone as a gift, we can do that too.

Ready, set, go! The giveaway will end on Sept. 30 (midnight EST), because that's my birthday and it will make the number 36 feel not so heavy if I am focused on giving something to someone else. Let's just call this "avoiding the inevitable."
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