Monday, July 02, 2012

You were born when?! Our college friends

This week, we had two college girls arrive to China for the first time. They are doing life with us for two weeks before they head back to the States and vow to never eat Chinese food in America again. These two college guys were on their way out from a 6 month stay in China. We fed them, learned from them, prayed alongside them, and received more joy because of them. I love having college students around because they bring a freshness and liveliness to our lives.

They also have reminded me that I am old. That when I reference the injustice of OJ Simpson's white bronco interrupting the Rockets Championship game, they just stay at us as if we are speaking Elfin.

I realize that we do pretty well on our own as far as craziness is concerned, but these guys also brought beat boxing trains, bike rides, and mad wrestling skills.

My kids love these guys and so do we. We hate saying good-bye. And we will do it again on Thursday when the girls leave. But we are hoping that it is simply, "See you later."

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