Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rock Tea and Sweaty Socks

I don't know why this picture is fuzzy. Let's just rejoice because it blurs out my elbow fat. 

This was the second time I got to sit with this man and learn about tea. This brother is so passionate about tea that he makes you want to chew the leaves. My specialized tea vocabulary is a tad limited, but I did pick up a few selling points to this particular tea that he was making for us.

1. It tastes like the sun shining down on the rocks. 

2. It will make you sweat your socks.

3. It will give you gas. 

He swears that he lost 25 pounds drinking this stuff. We all downed about 15 cups of it until we all had sweat our socks and decided to take our leave. Sitting with this man as he explains his teas makes me so happy because he is living in joy and passion. 

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