Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What Just Happened?

The shocking news of Judas' betrayal has sunk in. Maybe out of nervous energy, out of anxious daydreaming, they pick up bread and continue to eat. Appropriately, Jesus talks about forgiveness. Immediately following the treacherous act of Judas, Jesus talks about changing hearts.

Judas, the man who was trusted with the money. The one who sat around comforting fires at night after a long day of travel and shared stories of his childhood. A friend who they teased and hugged and shared their lives with.

He was gone.

His deed was done.

The disciple's family was coming unglued. Judas had given into a worldly reputation and Jesus was announcing his death. The disciples dropped their nets, closed their money boxes, and said good-bye to family members to join Jesus. This group was everything they had. And now it all seemed wrong. If Jesus was supposed to be a King, why would he be dying so soon? This had to be one of the questions the disciples were asking, even if it wasn't vocalized for the rest to hear.

And not only that, but Peter, zealous and passionate Peter would deny ever even KNOWING Jesus.

Chaos and fear was looming around the table as this ragged group tried to figure out what just happened. In the heavens everything was going right according to schedule. While they scrambled to connect the dots and to pledge their allegiance, the heavens were preparing for the one event that would change the world forever.

A death.
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