Thursday, April 05, 2012

Group Decision to Crucify

The guilt tied a noose around the neck of Judas. The denial was choked out three times by Peter. Supporters of Jesus sit in the shadows, waiting for the condemnation to be passed down. The pulsing of the crowds become so loud that it convinces Pilate that this is the heartbeat of the people. The energy of group decision casts a single vote for the life of Barabbas.

Mothers and fathers would rather have a condemned criminal  lurking their streets than a man who was claiming to be God. The crowd didn't ask for His captivity. Their hearts wanted nothing of Him to exist. The chanted rhythmically for his crucifixion.

Crucify Him!

Crucify Him!

Crucify Him!

Children have now joined in. Jumping up and down in excitement. Certainly all these adults know why they are screaming these words. Trusting children asking for the death of the Son of God.

All healings forgotten.

All teachings twisted.

Jesus was now being sent to die by the voices that needed Him most. By the voices that just days earlier shouted to Him, "Hosanna!"

Confused, hurt, convinced. The crowd had turned.

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