Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't use Duct Tape, Instead use These

 A week ago I put up a post about having kids that don't sit still, even in their sleep. I feel like I go in and out of seasons in dealing with this in a godly manner. The rest of the time, I lose it and smoke comes barreling out of my ears. I've employed many others who are smarter, wiser, cuter, and more creative than me to help out. I'm hoping that some of these tips will bring some sanity to your day too.

The thing with most of the tricks I've used in the past is that they just aren't sustainable. If I were only homeschooling one or two kids at a time, I could manage to put together a mystery box with all these multi-sensory activities everyday. When you are homeschooling 5 at one time, the multi sensory is created when your 4-year-old smears apple cores on your computer screen and your 8-year-old sticks an eraser up his nose. Very multi sensory if you ask me. But I felt like some really good suggestions were given. If you've got something else that works, that doesn't require duct tape, then put them in the comments so that others can gain from your experience.

1. Let them bounce around on those mini trampolines. I had one of these growing up. Wait a minute, Mom, was this what you were dealing with in me? I bounced on that thing and pretended that Kevin Bacon was whisking me away to dance on site at Footloose. Hours I tell you. Hours.

2. Illustrate what they are learning or while they are reading.

3. Take vitamin supplements. One mom recommended Nordic Naturals DHA. Some kids that struggle with ADHD can have lower levels of DHA.

4. If you have a kinesthetic learner, this site has some great stuff. I don't think my 6-year old is this type of learner, she is just wiggly. But there are things on here that I can incorporate so that she can have a change of pace.

5. We tried an exercise ball. Fail. Aimee recommended an exercise disc to place on a chair to give your child a little movement. She's got some great ideas on the post I just linked to.

6. Do lots of treasure hunts to find vowels or nouns or whatever you're learning.

7. We have found ipad apps are helpful. It changes the medium a little bit and gives them a change to use their hands. Here are a few of our favorites. Grasping for Objectivity also had some good ones for younger kids.

8. Cut out carbs. Please note, that this is for the child only. I will not in fact be cutting carbs from my diet.

9. Keep it short. 15 minute lessons at a time. I'm going to set a timer and give it a try this week. My super competitive child will love trying to beat the buzzer.

10. I had several males chime in. Some of their recommendations were scotch and jumper cables. Scotch I'm assuming would be for the parent.

11. Let them chew gum or eat small snacky things. My kids love dried fruit and it's super cheap here. You just need something that takes a long time to eat and they can keep in their mouths.

12. I have found that telling my daughter that when she finishes her math, she can go outside and jump rope for a bit helps here knock out her work with more motivation.

I'm gonna leave this list at 12 points because it's awkward and reveals where exactly my daughter inherited this focus problem.
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