Friday, February 24, 2012

Poem for my Double Wide

Stroller oh stroller 
You time has arrived
To pack up your wheels
And yell "I survived!"

From the Great Wall to Thailand
You've been many places
Plodded through puddles, 
And lugged dirty faces. 

I have to admit
I'm not all that sad
To put you away
And not make others mad,
When I clip stranger's heels
And splash on their skirts.
Carrying you through markets
Until our spleens hurt. 

Stroller oh Stroller
You've been a good friend.
But your time is over
The good times must end.

Your wheels are all wanky
Your fabric all torn. 
But a new family will come
New babies soon born. 

So keep on movin'
Crusty milk stains and all
You've run your race strong, 
So stand proud and stand tall.

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