Saturday, November 05, 2011

Reformation Day 2011-John Calvin

We had our annual Reformation Day celebration. Last year was Luther, this year we celebrated John Calvin. Since he was born in France, but did a majority of ministry time in Switzerland, we had a hodge podge of foods for dinner. 

Swiss Zopf bread
French Tourtiere (this was super good)
French green beans
Swiss glazed carrots 
Swiss Aargau carrot cake

The kids composed a newscast theme song on Garage Band. As the song played, John Calvin and I walked in for his interview. Malachi covered the first half of his life. He ended as Calvin decided to switch to studying law.

We took a short break while we switched costumes and out came Selah. She continued the interview and then went on to explain TULIP. She concluded by telling of how Calvin was riddled by sickness for most of his life. 

As we ended the interview, she left the stage and I told about his dying in the arms of his friend, Theodore Beza.

Then it was on to play "Pin the petal on the TULIP." Everyone was blindfolded and spun around. 

Yes, that is a shirt thrown over some of the older kids. We are very serious about cheating during our game. 

After we finished up, we had carrot cake and hung out for a bit. We had a blast celebrating with everyone. 

And now for next year...

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