Monday, November 07, 2011

Meeting our Neighbors

We met our downstairs neighbors last week.

We met our downstairs neighbors last week because my two youngest decided to de-clutter their room by throwing things out their window during rest time.

I discovered this little organizational technique when our apartment managers came upstairs and said they could see a little white hand and then a little black hand peeking out the bottom of their windowsill.  Down 3 stories, they had tossed a huge comforter, a large crocheted blanket, two full baskets of laundry, 15 books, a dozen pieces of Chinese homework and rocks out the window.  I meant to get a picture, but I was so angry at the time that I let it go.  But here's the re-enactment of the pile we brought up afterwards.

We were picking underwear and socks out of their trees.

I'm sure they are chomping at the bits, waiting to invite us over for dinner.  I won't hold my breath.
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