Saturday, July 02, 2011

Week 3: Operation Clean Up...Quick!

Well, we finished week 3 with all limbs still attached.  Here's a run down of our week:

1.  We didn't get mauled by wolves this week.  That's a win.

2.  I have realized today that I am going to have to do gratuitous things like shave my legs and brush my hair because my husband will be home in 5 days.

3.  I consumed 5

4.  I averaged 3 cups of coffee a day while he was gone.

5.  I watched "Mao's Last Dancer" by myself and cried.  A lot.  The kind of cry and leaves snot marks on your pillow the next day.  Then I wanted to watch it again.

6.  The kids and I are making all kinds of potty jokes that are inappropriate when Dad is home.  We are going to have to start reigning this in.  Starting tomorrow...maybe.

7.  I talked to a good friend who just moved back to China with her 4 little Ewoks and we laughed about how the luster of international travel wore off 3 babies ago.

8.  I only had one arbitrary parent rule this week.  But it was "Kesed and Makaria, you may not sword fight with your private parts!"

Hubs, I will try to keep the permanent damage done while you were gone to a minimum.  You will have to excuse our rough edges and inside jokes.  We will catch you up and all will be normal very soon.
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