Thursday, July 14, 2011

Graduation Performance

As you can tell from the boys in speedos and blush, it was once again performance time at my kid's school last week. 

This time the performance was for Malachi's graduation.  He will be attending half day elementary school in the fall.  It's the real deal school for him next semester.  No teachers still feeding 7 year olds with a spoon.  I wish this was hyperbole for next year being hard, but the teachers actually do feed the 7 year olds with spoons. My children have been told that if they try and let their teachers feed them, they would be doing laps around the apartment complex.

Many of the costumes were made out of cd's, cans or ping pong balls.  Here's the dancing cd collection with the recycled can boy staring enviously in the background.

Malachi pretty much rocked it with his rendition of "Mama birds and her little chicks" while wearing his ancient Chinese robe.  See the flapping chicks circling him while he sings.  Nothing phased that kid while he sang.

The rest of the lost chicks eventually joined him hand in hand and they all left the stage singing about finding their chicken coup or maybe wanting world peace.  I wasn't so sure on the translation.  I was really proud of my buddy.  He was cool and calm and did a fabulous job.

This was by far my favorite costume.  She was wrapped tightly in various colored trash bags; including, but not limited to her hair thingy.

As I saw these little "ducks" saunter onto stage, I felt grateful that my son had been given a rather benign costume to wear.  I'm not sure bright yellow spandex is cute even on 7 year old Chinese children.
At the end of the show, there were crying teachers who were losing their class to real school and dramatic flower presentations. All of this done with a slow, drippy Celine Dion song reminding us that our love must go on.   

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