Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 2: Operation Sanity

We have crossed the finish line of week 2 of hubs being gone. In the last lap of this week's race, it felt like a band of hooligans jumped out from behind a low lying bush and ambushed me with a two by four.  But as I reflected back on this week, there are a few things I am sure of:

1.  Adrenaline is God's greatest creation.  Ever.  He created it to keep all mothers out of jail.

2.  I am tired of hearing the phrase "Mommy, I need..."  While this phrase was cute and innocent and left a sense of joy and purpose in my mind when my first child began to speak, this phrase now feels like the moaning of a dying cat as his abdomen is being run over by a semi.   It makes my shoulders tense up and a look come across my face like I'm trying to saw off my arm.  With a spoon.

 Here's a little math fact for you:

If each of my children say "Mommy, I need..." 7 times in one hour, 5 x 7=35 times an hour I hear that lovely phrase.  14 hours later (14 x 35=490 times in one day).  Currently there is only one set of ears to hear that call and I will say that at about the 314th time, I want to run, hide under my bed, and suck my thumb.

3.  I wish I was one of those parents who just let their kids watch movies and play video games all day.  They could eat Coco Puffs and drink Mountain Dew and just inhale movies all day long.  I realize that this formula adds up to the makings of either a unibomber or someone who eats Cheetos off their sweatshirt at age 40, while living on my living room couch, but man it would sure make today easier.

4.  I just ate a mango.  Ya know what, mangoes are one of the most amazing fruits ever to grow on a tree.  But they are also incredibly messy.  Beautiful, sweet, satisfying and alarmingly messy.  If I had more than one brain cell working at a time, I would write about what an accurate analogy this is to life.

As I go into the weekend, I have a very simple goal:  Not blow it.

Keepin' it simple folks, keepin' it simple.
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