Monday, June 13, 2011

Star Wars part 9: Battle of the Air Conditioner

You can hear the Star Wars music begin to wash over the sun as we enter the bedroom for the night.  It's been a day of wins and losses.  Triumphs and victories.  

Yet...the biggest, most epic battle was still to come.  Just how low would the air conditioner be set in our bedroom.  

The warm blooded Luke Sky Walker always sneaks in as the sun tucks in for the night and begins running the air conditioner while the unsuspecting Princes Leia is still at the table.  Sky Walker is used to the nightly battle and tries to subvert her attempts by setting the evil air conditioner to "Arctic" while they peacefully eat dinner with their 5 crazy Ewoks.  

As Princess Leia enters their room, her skin begins to shrivel into tiny ice crystals.  She tries to throw on her force field blankets and roll up into a protective sphere, but they are no match.  Luke Sky Walker's blood is made of molten lava.  He will never grow cold.  

So, Princess Leia will continue to shiver and resort to resuscitating all of her frost bitten appendages each morning. 

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