Friday, June 17, 2011

Gospel Coalition on Adoption

Voddie Baucham and Russell Moore do an incredible job of explaining adoption and it's implications at both a practical and Biblical level.  Even if you aren't going to adopt yourself, as a believer, we need to fully understand what adoption and being adopted fully means.

Take some time to listen or politely send the link to all the people that think you have lost it for even considering adoption.  It's a polite way of telling those naysayers to stick it.

Here ya go:  Gospel Coalition on Adoption

Last year, I was blessed by getting to go to the Together for Adoption conference in Austin, TX.  This year they are meeting in Phoenix, AZ on Oct. 21-22.  This is something that you cancel meetings and find a good baby sitter to come to.  It places the gospel rightfully in the center of adoption and gives you a weekend to learn, grow and be broken for the cause of adoption.  I cannot more strongly recommend this conference to you guys.  I've even had single guy friends go and come away changed. So hop over, register and figure out the details later.

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