Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Carpool Line

I realize that I've got a lot of blogging to catch up on. I'm just going to start at the beginning of the pictures on my camera and go from there. I've been wanting to capture this picture for a long time, but kept forgetting my camera when I went to pick up the kids from kindergarten. Let's just be glad that I remembered to pick up all the kids. This is the infamous lamb slaughtering station.

I took the above picture to prove to you just how close to our kid's school this even actually takes place. The yellow sign on the right hand side is above the front gate of the school.

And here they are with their heads dangling into the drain. At least their blood dripped into a drain. I just considered this my twisted carpool line that I wait in to pick up my kids from school. I also love this picture because no carpool line in China would be complete without a middle aged man with his shirt rolled up to his chest.

I will say though that we have had some great discussions above the sacrifice of Christ versus the sacrifice of animals. It's a great picture of the seriousness of Jesus' death. And the absolute truth that His death was essential.
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